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My girlfriend and I took the big leap of faith and decided to move-in together into a bigger space. I wasn’t too excited about the idea of having to move all of her stuff (she has a lot!!) and was thinking “how can I get out of this?” I mean this girl has furniture that is oddly shaped and huge!  She collects random expensive stuff, and it would be the death of me if anything broke! So I looked up a few moving companies, but none of them made me feel like they would really make sure to be extra gentle with her fragile furniture.  But then I found GP (fixed price) movers.

When I explained to them that some of the furniture was really special and expensive they immediately told me how they properly wrap, pack, and protect the furniture throughout the entire move.  Soon as they came in, they assessed which furniture would be loaded first etc.  Within one hour, her entire apartment was empty and the truck was loaded to perfection. While moving the furniture, the movers constantly communicated amongst each other and made sure they were taking the best approach when lifting and going down our steps.  They had great attitudes the whole time and even took the time to help us place the furniture in our new apartment! These guys were fast, efficient, clean, AFFORDABLE,  and made us feel like we had nothing to worry about.  My girl normally has this really concerned look on her face when anybody touches any of her prize collectibles.  But I must say, she had a smile on her face the whole time which made my life a walk in the park! I will never use another moving company as long as I’m in LA!!

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September 14 2013

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Local Move

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